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    How to find sum of distinct for a single measure column?

    Ajith Suresh

      I have a requirement like we have to find the sum of distinct for a single measure column across a dimension field. we are using a live data source because of that not able to make use of the fixed functionality. Could anyone of have any idea for this issue.


      i am adding more details to this post.


      We have a field named Plan where we are suppose to take distinct value. we are calculating the plan value with respect to PN column, PN column may have 2 or more sub types.

      Eg: AA is a value in PN Column which have two sub types named AA-hw & AA-sw. PFB screenshot for more details:



      If anyone have a solution to solve this issue, it will be highly helpful and appreciated. I am attaching a demo work book and sample data as in our data source.



      Thanks in advance,

      Ajith V S.


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