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    Display data for 3 dates based on filter

    Megha Bhatnagar

      Hi All,


      I am attaching a mock workbook of what my sheet looks like.

      I want to add a rdl_perso_create_dt. By default I always want to display the data for the latest 3 dates in the dataset.

      But if someone chose a date from the filter, I want the sheet to display data for selected date and selected date-3 days.

      So the sheet will always displays data for 3 days. Default should be latest 3 dates and 3 days should change based on filter


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          Shinichiro Murakami

          I don't think you can do it with filter functions.

          Only similar result is done by parameter , but as you know, you cannot get the latest day dynamic  update.


          Other option is

          - If it's only "1" day, you can use "Top 1" filter as default  (Not bring 3), if you use top 3, use selection of single date only brings  single day.


          - Duplicate whole data three times to get three days bucket as one set.  => your data is already big and I am not sure it's realistic or not.


          - version 2018.3 => we have "Set Actions" which have more flexibility as to filtering without filtering underlying data.





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            Zhouyi Zhang

            Hi, Megha


            As Shin mentioned, you can't do it via filter, the only way to achieve it is by parameters.


            Below is the sample of using two parameters, one for default or custom selection, and the other is the date picker when user select custom.


            And when you save or publish your workbook, set the default/custom parameter as default so that every time when user open the report, it always shows the default setting.

            Make sure, any of the filter you add, please right click and select add to context(then it will grey out in the filter pane).


            A workbook attached for your reference.



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              Megha Bhatnagar

              This is amazing, it worked - thanks