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    Connecting Tableau to Datawarehouse

    nav singh

      HI ,


      I am using SQL server datawarehouse - I want to pull data which is from different tables and (facts and dimesnions) and want to publish that as datasource on tableau server.


      What is the best practice around this - should I be creating a cube first and then connect it to tableau? or is there any other preffered methods as well.?


      Any help or pointing to a blog/source will be much appreciated.




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          William Rielly

          Hello NS,


          Without knowing the size of the data and the volume/type of joins required, it is difficult to suggest what may be best.  Generally, with several tables and a significant amount of data, it may be better to de-normalize the data and store it in as few tables as possible; and then use these materialized views, cubes, etc. when using Tableau to create data sources.


          If your situation is not too complex, you can create all the joins needed from your existing schema structure and test performance.  Do you have a development Tableau Server for testing?


          Does your data connection need to be live, or can you publish a .tde, Tableau Data Extract?  If the data does not need to be real time, performance with extracts will typically be better and reduce the load on your SQL Server data warehouse.  if this is possible, you could create the extract and schedule it to refresh from your warehouse as needed. 


          Below is a link highlighting best practices when creating extracts such as using an extract filter, aggregating data if possible, hiding unused fields, etc.:




          I hope this helps.





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            nav singh

            Hi Will


            THanks a lot for your elaborate response. This is certainly helpful and shows me way forward.


            Kind Regards