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    Filter to Show Results Rows if any of the Items rows contain the filter item

    Milton Foxley

      Sales Person

      Lead Type
      AmyCold Leads


      AmyHot Leads7
      BobCold Leads33
      JillHot Leads32
      James TCold Leads2
      James THot Leads5
      James TFamily Referral2


      Hi All, thank for taking a look at this.  I want to show all results for a person in this case if any of their rows contain the filter item.

      So Lets say I have the above table and I want to sum all sales results for a sales person if they have any rows with a certain lead type

      For example if my filter is Hot Leads My result table should be


      Sales PersonTotal Sales
      James T9


      Or if my filter is Family Referral I should get

      Sales PersonTotal Sales
      James T9