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    Moving Average Calculation in Cross Tab Help

    Rommel Badilla

      I am trying to calculate and display the 3 day moving average of an aggregated value on a cross tab that shows only a single day. I tried using a table calculation but it seems the limitation is that the values included in the calculation need to be displayed on the cross tab. In my workbook, I do not want to show each days values but only a single date.


      Attached is my workbook with embedded data. Sheet 1 is the cross tab with the desired layout but has the incorrect calculation for 'Trailing 3 Day Average'. The desired values for that should be the following:


      3 Day Trailing Average for 1/14/2019
      Benign     27,027
      Daybreak     70,995
      Freight Car   134,340
      Furnace   116,046
      Homecoming   179,078
      Longing   141,826
      Nine   145,240
      One   119,978
      Rusted   114,760
      Seventeen   116,105


      Can someone assist please? Thank you in advance!!!