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    Crosstab Data Column which changes for Division when filtered but remains constant on any other drill downs (Region) etc.

    Bryan Boatner

      I am new to Tableau and this is my first dashboard.  So I wanted to get that disclaimer out of the way.  Additionally I am aware that Crosstab's are not really looked highly upon.  That being said my task is to migrate and existing report and keep it like the original. 


      My challenge is:  I want to show the difference between the Division Average and any drill downs that occur at the Region level.  So when the division Filter is the only item set on the dashboard the difference will be 0.  However when you click on a region on another chart (exceptions by market/region), all of the data in the cross tab changes, however, I need to keep the Division Average "Fixed" to the Division in context with the filter.  Therefor the difference column will reflect the variance between the Division Average and Region selected in the drill down on the (% Exceptions by Market) chart. Please see the screenshots below.



      Below is how the Dashboard looks when only the Division is filtered.  This is correct and is how I need this displayed.



      Now once I click a Region All of the counts in Column 1 -3 change to be specific to that region, and they should, however, I need the Division Average to stay constant and the Difference to now reflect the variance between the Division Average and the % of Exceptions (Column 3) which is at the Region level.  As shown below.



      Any guidance someone can provide a novice is greatly appreciated.