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    Date Range

    shanmuga prabhu

      Hi All


      I have two date fields from date and To date . It has to filter the date between from date and to Date




      Data set is from Jan 2018 to Dec 2018


      if I select Jul 2018 in from date , then the TO date field should show Jul 2018 to Dec 2018



      Attached demo file , if you could apply the logic and attach it back that will solve my query





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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Shanmuga,


          Your data structure doesn't work because both your month to and month from dates are running from the same field.


          So if you filter the 'to' date to January 2018, then the from date will always just be January 2018.


          What is your ultimate goal/what are you trying to achieve?





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            shanmuga prabhu



            Thanks for the reply


            Yes I need two date fields , I have to get all dates between start date and end date




            start date : jul 2018

            end date : dec 2018


            01 jul 2018

            02 jul 2018

            03 jul 2018






            31 dec 2018



            looking for date range start date to end date