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    data blending in tableau

    Radha Sub

      Is it possible to use the data got by data blending (oracle and Excel) in multiple worksheets.

      Or the data can be used only in by the particular worksheet .


      If yes can you please let me know how to use the data got by data blending in other worksheets?

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Radha,


          From the sounds of your description, you have multiple datasets either extracted from oracle into excel, or a combination of oracle and excel worksheets that you are looking to combine into a single source of data for use in Tableau - is this correct ?


          Yes its possible, but the more fragmented the data is, the more likely there will be issues with getting the data ready for Tableau.


          In the first instance, I'd recommend having a look at Tableau Prep, this is software that Tableau have released to make combining multiple datasets easy for loading into Tableau.


          Secondary considerations are working out if you need to do joins and then blends, or append loads, or just blends in order to get your data right, but as I noted before from the sounds of things possibly a bit complex right now.


          If you load up a sample dataset into a .twbx with a description of what you are wanting to do, the community should be able to help you





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            Ritesh Bisht

            Hi Radha,


            You should be able to use the same in multiple worksheets.


            More information about data blending can be found here: Working with Multiple Data Sources


            More information about filtering blended data and using it on a dashboard can be found here: Filtering Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software


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              Vaishnavi krishnan

              You can blend data from multiple data sources.

              Select which is primary data source and secondary data source and go to Edit relationship and give connection with a primary key.

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                Radha Sub

                thanks everyone . I just want to know when we blend the data (between any sources) ,can that data be used in multiple worksheets or just it can be used only for that worksheet.



                Please let me know since I need to give this info to my business people.

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                  Peter Fakan

                  Hi Radha,


                  Yes once the data is loaded as a datasource, it can be used in multiple worksheets.