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    Show Date Representing 90% of Volume

    Imran Zaveri

      Hi All,


      Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I have delivery information for product by product type, country, order, delivery date, and quantity.


      I'm looking to see how I can retrieve a date that will show me when 90+% of a product at a country will arrive by. Preferably a Launch Date. The data set example is below.




      • Product 1
        • Since it is evenly distributed, I would like to see the 1/20 delivery date since the sum of any earlier days would be < 90% of the total order for that product at that country
      • Product 2
        • Mexico:
          • Since it reaches 90% at day 1/29 for the Product 2 at Mexico
        • Japan
          • Since it reaches at least 90% at day 2/5/2019 for Product 2 at Japan


      ProductCountryOrder NumberDelivery Date Quantity
      Product 1KoreaO11/10/201925
      Product 1KoreaO21/12/201925
      Product 1KoreaO31/15/201925
      Product 1KoreaO41/20/201925
      Product 2MexicoO51/25/201960
      Product 2MexicoO61/26/201925
      Product 2MexicoO71/29/20195
      Product 2MexicoO81/30/201910
      Product 2JapanO92/1/201950
      Product 2JapanO102/5/2019


      Product 2JapanO112/8/20195



      Any help would be greatly appreciated!