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    Can't connect to Oracle

    John Campos

      I have both SQL Developer and TOAD IDE's running on my laptop and am successfully connecting to my Oracle server through both.  Additionally, I can go to the DOS command line and connect to SQLPlus. Having said that, I am not able to connect to Oracle through Tableau. 


      I've identified folder where my tnsnames.ora file is.  I've defined a TNS_ADMIN system variable to point to said folder.  I've put credentials in as upper and lower case.  I have used the correct password, same as i use for my IDE's.  I've gotten a couple different errors depending on how I've proceeded. I several different errors.  From shared memory realm error ||  ORA-24374: define not done before fetch... || ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor.  etc..


      Each time I get these errors, I do a sanity check to see if I can still log into oracle using one of my IDE's. 


      More background:  I installed the available 14 day trial version of Tableau today.  My 11g oracle server is separate from my laptop.  I assume I use the tnsname.ora defined file on my laptop and not the one on the Oracle server.  However, I have tried both.



      Any thoughts on what I should try next?