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    Aggregate string

    Kevin Smith

      When I'm pulling information for my database, I am comparing two separate date fields, and returning the max value has my "paid in full date" . Which is an aggregate.


      white issue comes when comparing that aggregate value in a calculated field, I am returning various string values such as, "withing review period" or "out of review period"


      Tableau however records those as aggregate values. Due to the original aggregated date. I need those values to be returned as strings, not an aggregatvalue that happens to be a string.


      Is there any way to do that?

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Kevin,


          Uploading  sample .twbx would be helpful to be able to look at your problem.


          Have you tried STR(ATTR([your measure]) yet ?

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Kevin

            see below

            If you do something like this to get your max  - you will get an aggregation

            but - this may be a bit of a hack -

            one of the cool properties of lods is that what they return is not aggregated

            so this will return the same values bu dis aggregated






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              Kevin Smith

              Unfortunately I can't upload it for to the proprietary information from work.


              I have, I just got an error saying it's already an aggregated function and it can't be done.


              Basically I have two custom sql that pill in max dates.

              I'm comparing those dates as date1 and date2 respectively.

              I then take those dates in a calculated field to get my max date of those fields.


              Max(date1,date2) as Paid_in_full


              Then have a calculated field "finding" that reads

              If Paid_in_Full >= today ()-7 Then "within audit"

              Else "Not with audit"



              Because of Paid_in_Full being an aggregated field, finding is also returning as aggregated value and not as a string like I need it to.


              I need that to be a string, so I can compare it in a later calculation with other string results.

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                Jim Dehner

                see my response above


                you could try make the paid in full an lod something like     {include [order]: max([date1]:max(date2] )   }

                and use that in the subsequent calculation