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    Replacing Embedded Data Sources with Published Data Sources

    James Frick

      I am new to Tableau, and have inherited something of a mess.  We are in Tableau 2018.1.7.



      On one dashboard, our extract is failing.  It times out after 2 hours.


      The problem I believe is that the original developer created a workbook that uses embedded data sources.  That means that the extract task as to do the first data source extract, then the second, then the third, etc.  Prior to January of this year, this was not an issue.  The full extract for the dashboard finished in under 2 hours.  In January, we load daily budget data for our sales reps, and now the workbook extract is over 2 hours. 


      I realize we probably could save processing time by creating smaller SQL tables filter to just what we need, but the previous developer also left us a mess with the SQL tables.  So I am hoping that by publishing the 6 data sources separately from the workbook will solve this problem.


      Is my assumption correct that we should move the data sources out of the workbook in order to have them run concurrently rather than sequentially?