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    Totals in Overview Dashboard

    Tugce Tercioglu

      Hi, I am trying to add some metrics to an overview dashboard (example below). How can I do this?

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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          Each of those boxes are separate worksheets. So you'd have to build them separately and put them together in a dashboard, lot of work goes into formatting so they all align and look consistent.

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            Joe Oppelt

            Separate sheets.


            Apply whatever filters that define what you are displaying to each of the sheets using the "apply to" feature.  That way one set of filters will control all the sheets.


            You'll probably use table calcs like WINDOW_SUM and WINDOW_AVG to generate those numbers.  You'll display the values in the title of each sheet, or as a TEXT mark.  Format each sheet identically.


            On your dashboard, create a container that will define the height of these sheets.  Then you can drag each sheet into the container, and they will all end up the same height.  Then you can set the width of each to be fixed width, and specify the same width number for each.  They'll all end up looking uniform for you.

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