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    Very Interested question on Projection

    Santoshkumar wadikar

      Hi Friends,


      please help me. i have very interested question. on Projection (No Forecasting & no prediction)


      Title : To show the Projection

      financial Year(Fisacal Year) is : April to March

      Parameter or Filter will be -- Month

      In my company many number of employees& departments.

      Founder want to see how much salary  would be pay in coming month . That salary will be show in Projection

      I will explain taking one example.


      consider "XYZ" is  employee , we paid salary 1200000 lakh, now running month is Jan(when user select on jan)

      count of april to Jan is 10month, 1200000/10=1.2lakh ,(we get per month salary)

      now my question is that ,two Months are remaining to complete  fisacl year is so 1.2lakh+ 1.2lakh=2.4 lakh

      This 2.4lakh will show in Projection.


      if you do not understand question please missed call on this no +918600340491 i will call you


      please experts help me how to show projection salary to my company founder.

      please explain step by step.

      thanks in advance more appreciate for your answer


      Message was edited by: Santoshkumar wadikar this is sample data netpay  is paid salary column