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    Using all using related data source and the numbers are not coming properly

    haya Mohiyaddin

      Hi Team,


      I am developing a report about my company which has multiple data sources regarding employee.In each data source I have Manager Name 1 ,Manager Name 2 till Manager Level 9.

      There can be other columns which are in same name or not ,however I am not concerned on the same.


      My requirement is to show Manager Name 1 and Manger Name 2 as a global filter and user should be able to filter it across dashboard in a single quick filter.


      PFB Screenshot.



      However when I apply this filter,in  one of the sheet the numbers are not showing properly even though I have applied use all in filter.





      After removing filter it shows correct amount 3865.



      Why is this happening.I haven't defined any relationship.Currently it is picking up automatic relationships between datasources.I am not aware of the keys also to be joined as well.


      Any idea how to resolve this issue?.