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    Dashboard that starts blank?

    Tabaruba Tabaruba


      I am new to the Tableau community so I am sorry about any mistakes and if I am not being clear enough on the technical terms.

      I have already made a question about it, but since I didn't provide a view of my dashboard I couldn't get the correct answer, so I am trying again. (also think I didn't ask the correct question the first time)


      I am trying to make this dashboard that is presented as a kind of a questionnaire, and by filling the filters, the user will generate a specific viz. My goal is, to make in a certain way that when the dashboard is open there is no graph and it gets generated as the user fills in the filters. Does anyone know how to make this? Maybe making a "null" option filter? I am not sure.


      I am attaching a packaged workbook. Here is a link to the viz on Tableau Public