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    Any alternate way to calculate YTD Vs Prior YTD based on FY April

    Adam Aliz



      From the screenshot, I have orderdate field , which consists  of 3 years  and month starting from January.


      I want to calculate YTD for FY17/18 (Starting from April 2017 to the available date  )  and FY18/19 (Starting from April 2018 to.. the date available).


      When the future date comes after refresh, it should calculate accordingly. Example : It should compare the current ytd FY 18/19, 01 April 2018 to 4 Feb 2019 with previous FY 17/18 , 01 April 2017 to 04 Feb 2018.


      If future data available, it should compare with current YTD date with prior YTD date...


      After calculating the Current YTD and previous YTD, i want to find the difference YTD YOY%.between current YTD vs Prior YTD.



      Example, from the screenshot below, 72.4% is current YTD and 79.0% is previous YTD. When the future date comes both value should change according to the current date.