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    Night Shift Handling (Split a record into two records)

    pinki sharma

      Hi Experts,


      I work on cleaning industry data which has normal shifts and night shifts etc.We have site entered, room entered, room left, site left timestamps ,using these we calculate employee's presence time ,work time etc kpis. In case of normal shift we show whole journey of the employee in a single record like shown below -



      In case of night shift, i want to split a single record into two records. First record will contain site enter time as login time and 11.59:59 PM will be log out time. Second record will contain 12:00:00 AM as login time and site left time as log out time.  as of now this is shown in single record-


      and i want to show it like shown below-




      I want to implement this at datasource level to avoid repetition and better performance . We have multiple dashboards which have same datasource so want to do it at datasource level. We  use extract datasource.


      Attached is data and twbx for reference. Any help would be appreciated.



      Pinki Sharma