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    Using LOD or Calc field to filter one axis dual axis chart



      I am creating a dual axis chart.  Chart 1 is a shape chart which is filtered on Type and Practice and Chart 2 is a bar graph only filtered on Type.  I want to compare the practice chosen to all other practices of the same type.  It should look like this: (practice names covered).  So as a user filters on Service Line the green bars change and as they filter on practice, only the red line changes.  I have this all working.  I then add to my dashboard which has other worksheets and a quick filter to Practice, but I can't apply this quick filter to this new worksheet because there is no relationship (I duplicated the data source and removed the relationship on Practice to get it to only filter one axis).  So, I need to try a different way, with calculations or LOD.  I have no experience with LOD, can anybody help?