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    Month over month change based on Fiscal Year (April)

    Adam Aliz

      Hi ,


      I want to show Month-Over-Month change via line graph. The line graph should show the 2 years data , where by i can use the filter shelf to restrict the no. of years to  show .


      Firstly, the fiscal year should from April. The x-axis should like this, , April 2016 , May 2016.... March 2017 (its 1 first year) & April 2017..... March 2018(2nd fiscal year)


      In the line graph, i have to indicate this 2 years and show the trend, , when i hover to the month March 2018 in the line graph, it should show the value for the march 2018 and Month over month change based on previous month which is February 2018.