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    Global Parameters on Storypoints get confused when exporting story to PDF

    Wendy Jones

      Hi all,


      We're using Tableau to create quite extensive dashboards, and we're trying to reuse as many components as possible. So what we've done is created stories off dashboards, using a global parameter for 'measure'. Then each 'measure' is a story point.


      That appears to work fine when published out (each story point seems to be holding the global parameter), but when we export the story to PDF, it seems to hold the one value and generate each story point just on the one parameter value.


      At the moment my workaround is to export each story point as an image. Frustrating & not really workable!

      I'm looking to convert the parameter to a filter, but that's going to be a fair amount of work, so I'd rather not.


      Is this a bug, or is there a trick I'm missing? I've also tried displaying the parameter prompt on each story point, same issue.

      Trying lots of things but if any of you have any clues, would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks a lot!