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    Help Tool Tips - 2018.02

    Richard Michaels

      Hello All,

      I hope this message finds you all well!

      I know how the math is supposed to work; however, I'm having a hard time implementing a dynamic solution.


      On the attached, I need help creating 2 calculated fields that will be used on the tooltips:

           1- YTD target achieved

                     - Running Sum of my measure (MRR) / the Target bar on Sheet 1 (2)

                     - For example, the YTD achievement for September 2018 would be 5.2 million / 49.1 M. For each month, the denominator will be the target bar on Sheet 1 (2)

           2- Remaining FC Achievement (in %)

                     - Monthly Target (ARR Target) - Monthly (MRR) /   remaining months in Fiscal Year - our fiscal year ends in September

                     - For example, for March 2018, the formula would be (10.5M - 919K) / 6



      Any and all help is much appreciated!