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    Joining dates between different tables/ QBO question


      Hi all, I am having trouble joining dates between different tables in QBO. Even though this is a QBO related question and you might not use this, my question is probably more a fundamental joining question between two tables.


      There is a 'sales and expense line items' table where the only relevant date field is transaction date and the 'budget table' only has Budget Detail Budget Date field. All other date fields are just around meta data date etc.


      I tried to join these two date fields together and Tableau gave me an error. The error message was "Type mismatch, between field 1(date and time) and field 2 (date). Does that mean if I can somehow make the field 1 (from the budget table) into a date only field, there would be a match? If so, how can I make that manipulation given I don't have access to make changes as I don't have editor access to QBO data tables?


      See below for the a print screen when I put both date fields side by side without the date joins and the current data table mapping.


      Help is much appreciated!


      Drew Loika, I hope you can help with this QBO question.