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    Reference Lines

    Caitlyn Garger

      Attached workbook is using Tableau Desktop 2018.3.2


      I have this workbook titled "Shots Made" on the dashboard "Shooting Performance" where there is a bar chart showing shots made and shots attempted for two players (Frank Ntilikina & Emmanuel Mudiay) from different distances from the hoop. What I would love to do to bring some context into this is to have reference lines showing PG average and NBA average relative to the players shown.




      I have the value for the PG and NBA average for each court section shown as a calculated value. Is there a way to add this context with reference lines almost as a 'gap' analysis for each player comparing them to PG and NBA average?


      Please let me know if this is possible and if so, how I can do this.


      Any help is much appreciated!!