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    Tooltip to show Multiple instances at the same location

    Emma Lock

      Hi all,


      I need help. I have created a map that shows the recorded instances of inspections that happen on agricultural fields. The problem is that often, the inspections are performed multiple times on multiple different dates and by potentially multiple different inspectors. This means that displaying this information in a tooltip does not work. In this case, Tableau only shows one of the instances on the tooltip.


      There are multiple posts on this matter (e.g. Multiple values in a tooltip instead of an asterisk  ), and they all refer to the use of a method of creating calculated fields to list the instances on the tooltips. I have tried this, but it doesn't quite work for me as it does not show the data in line with each other, and if a line doesn't change, it only shows it once.


      E.g. I have the data in the tables seen in the image below this example. Some of the data remains the same but some changes. The commonly suggested method would output it as:

                Creator: P Pan, S Squarepants

                Grower: M Mouse

                Farm: Farm X

                Field: A

                Date: 7 March 2016, 19 June 2017

      This does not make sense. Which date applies to which Creator? Bear in mind that any of that data could change or stay the same. So one line could have three entries, while others have two, and others have one.


      Does anyone know any other way of creating tooltips to do this better? I've attached a sample workbook to look at.