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    Tableau error in Order of Operations

    Jose Gonzalez

      Apparently, I can't get Tableau to follow the supposed Order of Operations, which indicates that the filters are applied in the following structure:


      Extract Filters > Data Source Filters > Context Filters > Set Filters


      It's when I apply Set Filters that my workbook gets messed up:


      I have a table (sorry for the format - it's directed from levels way above mine), that follows below structure:


      Columns: [State]

      Rows: [Sub-Category]

      Measures: [Sales]

      Context Filter: [Customer Name]

      Set Filter: [Top 5 Sub-Categories per Sales]


      So I am expecting that when the user filters by [Customer], the table will show the Top 5 sub-categories for the selected customer, with the Sales for each State.

      However, the Set filter seems to be being applied first, as each customer gets only 1 brand (if any) and even the states get filtered.