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    All in one reporting - Tableau?

    Joe caldwell

      I wanted to ask this question as I couldn't find a direct answer to what I want to know.  I had assumed that Tableau could replace our current reporting solutions and it appears that is not the case.


      I am looking to basically view / print a query as it would look like in the Data Source view.


      For example Select Top 5 CustomerName, CustomerAddress from Customers Where... Order By ....


      Very simple to do in any reporting tool I have used.  What I am reading is that Tableau is not a reporting tool.



      Can you use Tableau as a reporting tool?


      How can I create a detail report to display for example customer details on top and his orders below section?

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          Michael Gillespie

          Are you saying that you want to see the underlying query that Tableau generates when it pulls data from your source?


          If not that, then what do you want to see?

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            Joe caldwell

            Just a simple data dump.  Similar to the example I linked that shows orders for customers but without the need at first to do any filtering or even a relationship.


            Name               Address

            Joe Caldwell     123 Main Street

            Jane Doe          456 Elm Road    


            Ultimately something that can be automated to run on a trigger or on a schedule.

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              Michael Gillespie

              Well, no, not the way you're thinking about it.


              Tableau is a visual analysis tool, not a "reporting" tool as you are describing it.  It is meant to be used as an interactive, exploratory tool, not as a static, rows-and-columns Excel replacement.  You can make it work that way, within limits, but it can be very painful.


              That being said, if all you want to do is display the raw table structure, you can easily do that in a worksheet.  There are limits to the number of columns you can display but there are some "tricks" to get around that if you know how.  If you have more than one table that you want to display in a unified view, you have to have SOME kind of defined relationship between them.  But if all you want is a single view per table, you can probably make Tableau do what you want.  It's not the best way to use Tableau, though.


              What you cannot do is run a query and have Tableau spit out the result.  You have to build some kind of view yourself.


              You can schedule many things in Tableau, but at the SERVER level, not at the workbook/desktop level. It's easy to build a Tableau view, publish the data source (as an extract) and the view to Server, and schedule a refresh of the data source from the root data (Oracle, MySQL, etc.).  You can even maintain a live connection to the root data if you want, so that each time someone looks at the view, it has current data in it.


              But Tableau is not a database, and it's not Crystal Reports.

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                Joe caldwell

                Thank you, that matches what I am reading.  Its a shame though as it seems like a simple thing to add to eliminate the need to use another reporting tool.