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    Showing trend of customer counts in segmentation bins

    David Smolka

      Hello everyone, i have created a simple customer segmentation, based on the amount of orders made 24M prior to the previous month.


      Re-activated dormant = Customer had no purchase 24 months prior to the previous month, bud had 1 or more purchases 25+ months before

      New Customer = Newly acquired customer ( email ) in the previous month

      Highly Active = Customer had 3+ purchases 24 months prior to the previous month

      Normal Actiite = Customer had 1 or 2 purchases 24 months prior to the previous month


      The calculations that i have made only work if i display just the previous month. ( and it was inteded to work like this )


      Now i would like to extend this and dig a little deeper as this snapshot doesn't really say that much => I would like to be able to show a trend in these numbers - therefore i would need to calculate the amount of orders made 24M prior to every single month in my database, not just the previous one ( and also for each customer). Result of this should be a simple table/lines graph, with months on x-axis, and amount of customers on y-axis, with segmentation in the color.


      somthing like this -




      I tried to play with the window functions, with LOD, but i am not getting anywhere... is there a simple solution for this? Or do i have to prepare my data in SQL prior to importing into tableau, and use tableau just for the visualization part?


      I have attached workbook with mock data. Thanks everyone for any help. I tried to find the solution in the forum, but i was not successful.