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    Selectively use a column as context filter and quick filter for different worksheet on same workbook

    Ritu Rani

      I have a workbook on which i am using A date column as filter. I also have set which computes the Top N value and i needed the Set to be recalculated based on value selected in the Date filter on some of the worksheets. for these worksheets Date filter has to be context.

      Now I have another sheet on which I am using a if expression that computes on max(Date_column) = {Max(Date_column)} where the denominator should be computed for the entire data set irrespective of value selected in filter and Numerator should compute for the values in filter. Is there a way to make the same filter as Quick filter for this one sheet on the workbook.

      The tableau version I am working on is 10.5

      Thanks for your time.