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    Download filter actioned values into excel sheet from Tableau Server


      I'm using 2018.1 version.I have two dashboards.One is Summary dashboard and the other is detail dashboard.

      Below screenshot is Summary Dashboard.



      When you click on "Load" Column Specifically 5 Value in it,you get an action link Filter1 as you can see in below screenshot. When you click on Filter1, it directs to next dashboard, i.e.,Detail Dashboard


      Below screenshot is Detail Dashboard.

      These 5 values details are displayed on dashboard.



      Now this filtered value need to be downloaded in excel sheet including total value i.e.,5.


      Can someone help me with some solution which can be done. If we need to use a Tabcmd command,what command do we need to use for action filter on tableau Server .??


      Thanks in Advance !!

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