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    Aggregate Function with NULLs - A Better Way?

    Shane Carr



      I have a data related to (for example) a Dentists office.


      There are 2 KPIs I'm interested in tracking and accumulating Year to Date (YTD) - for now though I've just calculated the full year 2018


      The data are as follows:


      Existing Clients SeenKPI01174184162166189179122167194NULL253185
      New Clients SeenKPI02194029263645396450NULL4032


      To calculate the full year I have used the following calculated measure:

      SUM(IIF([KPICode] = "KPI01", zn([Jan])+zn([Feb])+zn([Mar])+zn([Apr])+zn([May])+zn([June])+zn([July])+zn([Aug])+zn([Sept])+zn([Oct])+zn([Nov])+zn([Dec]),0))

      + SUM(IIF([KPICode] = "KPI02",zn([Jan])+zn([Feb])+zn([Mar])+zn([Apr])+zn([May])+zn([June])+zn([July])+zn([Aug])+zn([Sept])+zn([Oct])+zn([Nov])+zn([Dec]),0))


      What would be a more elegant way of doing this same calculation?

      Thanks for your help.