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    How to correct multiplication of average value of measure & sum of a measure from blend datasource

    Mohit Gupta


      In tabular view, the last column is a multiplication of Shipping Units(coming from blend data-source) & Average if Invoice$ to HD, but the result is not coming correct. For example:

      Item= 115733

      Month= January


      Sum of Shipping Units= 380605

      Avg Invoice$ to HD=1.90

      Results= 380605*1.09=723149.5

      but it is 721276.98

      Results=AVG([Invoice$ to HD])*SUM([All (Noncorr Units vs  Dollars)].[Shipping Units])

      How can I correct it?

      For the relationship between data-source, I'm using the following columns:







      Please Guide

      Thanks in advance!