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    Calculate % of total

    Ramandeep Mastana

      Hi All,


      Not been able to find a solution for my issue in the forums.


      I have a table which I would like to work out the percentage of total for each group, not sure how to go about doing this?


      For each department listed I have a list employees that have been certified or expired. I want to calculate the percentage for each of these groups.


      Please find attached my worksheet.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance.



      Hoping to get the below output:


      DepartmentCertifiedCertified %
      ExpiredExpired %
      SB Operations and Service (OST)624%312%
      Sky Business Senior Management (OST)28%14%
      SB Compliance (OST)28%
      SB Sales Performance (OST)14%14%
      Sky Business Marketing Comms (OST)28%
      Sales Force (OST)312%14%
      SB Field Sales (OST)28%14%