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    Global Filters to affect all dashboards and also act on specific dashboard.

    Sandipan Chakraborty

      I have 3 dashboards (A1, B1, C1) and I am using a single data source. Both B1 and C1 contain multiple sheets, whereas A1 only contains Global Filters, that is, using "Related data source" or "Same data source" option. My filters are Country, City and Year. These are the only filters throughout all the dashboards.


      Now my problem is when I make the filters global (in A1), all the filters both in B1 and C1 become global too (which I don't want!). What I want is when in (dashboard) A1 I select "USA" in Country, both B1 and C1 only show "USA" data. But, I should be able to choose other countries in B1 and C1, and those shouldn't affect other dashboards.


      Please help!