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    Doubt in KPI dashboard!!!

    Adam Aliz



      I am finding a way to built  a dashboard like this. Lets look at only one chart, Bus feet reliability.



      I want to show in KPI dashboard , YTD as bar graph as seen above (Comparing with current YTD and previous YTD). Fiscal Month should start from April.

      In the bar graph, current YTD value should contains April 2017 to March 2018, and Previous value YTD value should contains April 2016 to March 2017.

      Comparing last 2 years fiscal year only.


      And in the line graph below, Month over month change. Example: In the line graph, the trend should focus on the last 2 years , the starting x-axis month value should be April 2016 to March 2017. The end dot of the month should be able to alert via red color for bad and green color for good.When i hover the individual month point , i should see in the tooltips, the MOM% change.


      Finally, dedicated month and dedicated day filter need to provide. Month should go backwards until the last 2 years, in this case should April 2016 and should stop at March 2017. so when the new data comes in for next month which is April 2017.it should populate accordingly for the last 2 years..


      And the date field also same, in this format 01 April 2016 ... all the way to 31 March 2017... and when the next day comes in 01 April 2017 it should be populate automatically for the last 2 years.


      The dashboard should stick to current day when ever it opens .and the user can click around the month and day to see the changes . so both ytd graph and mom graph should change accordingly.


      would be very helpful if i get answer. I  tried figuring out by seeing the describe sheet option, but not getting it.


      Attaching 2 sample workbook. One from superstore, if possible can get the required output in this superstore workbook and another workbook is the example  of KPI dashboard format.