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    Marketing analytics resources


      Scoured the Tableau site seeking examples of workbooks that I can download showcasing various marketing analytics dashboards and haven't found much luck. We are not an enterprise level user and are not fortunate enough to be able to splurge on tools like Eloqua. Instead, we have to combine marketing data from disparate SaaS applications and merge them into one data warehouse. For example, we might pull in data from our email marketing software, customer support software, google analytics, CRM etc via an ETL like Stichdata into a data warehouse like Bigquery.


      The challenge from there is to develop dashboards with all these data sources. For an SME like us, it is much easier to work with out of the box solutions for marketing analytics dashboards like Klipfolio where all the data connectors are set up and they provide countless dashboard templates based on the data source (ie. Facebook Ads dashboard). I'm struggling to find a resource that provides a collection of downloadable workbooks to speed up the process as opposed to spending countless hours building individual dashboards from scratch for each data source (ie. Facebook).


      I'll start by sharing one web analytics dashboard that I came across that I liked in particular:




      Would appreciate if anyone could contribute their findings, recommendations for others to get a jumpstart like me.