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    Tableau 10.5- How to add previous months data to current month

    Ruchika Sharma



      I have question around adding previous months data to the current month. In attached file, on dashboard 5, you will see a graph called as "Cumulative Benefits (De-risked)" which reflects month over moth data. When I select January from filter, it shows Jan. actual numbers and forecasted numbers for rest of the months.


      My question is- If I select February from the filter, is there a way, Feb data shows me Feb+ Jan data? Similiary, when I select March from filter- the graph should show me as: Jan- Jan data, Feb- Jan+feb data, March- Jan+Feb+March data so on and so forth.

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Filters are used to limit the data in the table that underlies each viz - when you "select January"  only january data is available in the table


          So what to do - the typical approach is to use a parameter (v filter) to select the end month then use calculations to see the chosen month and the previous



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