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    How to achieve 100% stack bar for below data?

    Viswa N

      Hello All,


      I am trying to achieve some data using tableau but I am not successful. Need your expertise to find solution for this.

      Please find the attached tableau workbook which created using tableau 10.5.1 version.


      I have list of Employees with meeting code, trying to achieve how many meeting codes attended by each employee.(Ex. In the given screen shot first employee attended 32 meetings and next one 21 meetings and so on).


      Now need to achieve percentage of employees attended by each meeting code group. (Ex. one employee attended 32 times and 6 employees attended 12 times and so on. Need to get percentage by each meeting group instead of employees).


      When I convert this chart to 100% Stack this is the result, Here it is showing percentage for each employee, But need to get it by count of meeting code.


      Need to achieve result as below


      Appreciate your help.