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    How to show blank in place of null in a complex IF Statement

    Sudhir Rathod

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a scenario where there are 4 different values to a question?  The business wants to summarize them on a scorecard as follows -


      Question - Customer expects business to not call them after 8 pm?

      Answers could be - Yes, No, n/a or null


      In case of yes and no, it's easy to calculate as follows -


      ZN(SUM(IF [Do not call] = 'Yes' then 1 else 0 end) /

      SUM(IF [Do not call] = 'Yes' then 1

      ELSEIF [Do not call] = 'No' then 1 else 0 END))


      After placing this measure, n/a can be taken care by simply changing the format to custom by putting this great formula that I found online.  It is #,##0.00%;-#,##0.00;n/a


      Up to here it's fine.  But if this question has only null in the answer, our business wants to show the measure as blank space.  I have tried a lot of research and I am sure it's doable as nothing is impossible with Tableau so I am throwing this question out to great Tableau minds to help me out.  Thank you in advance!