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    Packaged Workbook Based on Background Image Opening Up Empty

    Mikhail Christiansen

      I know it is wrong to submit a question without a workbook, but I cannot upload the workbook I am working on and uploading any other file would not make sense. So, I am going to provide as many screenshots as possible to try to clearly communicate the issue.


      I currently have a workbook that has one worksheet and one dashboard. The dashboard being comprised of just the one worksheet.


      The worksheet is a heatmap based off an image from my computer. I set everything up correctly for the heatmap to work perfectly on my own computer, including entering the x/y coordinates, scale, and changing the x/y to be continuous. After all the formatting, building, and editing, why is absolutely nothing showing up when I send this PACKAGED WORKBOOK to a colleague to review.


      From my view, I have a heatmap with different rooms lighting up as the Days play by in the Pages shelf. If a room has more than one ticket, then it turns a certain color. Everything is functional.


      I send this to a colleague and when they open the workbook, it is not only not showing the background image, but the workbook has no dashboard and only one sheet which no longer is named. In addition, the parameters in the workbook have disappeared. It simply reads, "Sheet1". This cannot be a bug with the specific image or workbook because I have seen this issue now multiple times with different images and different workbooks. If the workbook is packaged, why is it somehow losing the background image?


      Please help!