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    Help with Tables. Creating measures as columns

    Amado Martinez

      hello everyone,


      I am trying to create a table where measures are laid out as columns and date related variables  are laid out as rows.


      the problem is that I can only assign certain variables as rows.


      for example, I want to summarize sales related data (columns: sum of sales, avg, total qty, etc) based on the following variables (as rows):

      1) YTD sales (2019)

      2) Sales all time

      3) sales for repeat customers (all  time)

      4) sales for new customers (all time)


      the attached workbook contains a sample of what I am trying to do.


      The only thing I can think about is to create various tables and overlay them on top of each other in the dashboard so that it creates the illusion that is only one table


      any helps is always appreciated!