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    Parameters and decimal places when using integers

    Mike Raper

      So I have a sheet with some sales data.  I want to provide a parameter that will let my users pick a percentage value from 1% to 100%, in steps of 1%.  This parameter is inserted into a formula, with the controls displayed so they can change the percentage to whatever they want and affect the visual.  For example, sales times the parameter value; if sales are $1000 and they pick the parameter value of 50%, the display on the visual would be $500. 

      Problem is, I can't get the parameter to accept decimal places in the set up; only whole numbers, which is making my percentages MUCH higher than they should be and not allowing my users to pick anything less than 100%.  I've got it set up as shown below; data type integer.  What I'd like is the minimum to be 1%, the max 100%, and the steps 1%.  So that should be a min of .01, max of 1, and steps of .01.  Can't get it to take those values.  Any suggestions?