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    How to calculate the rate or percent of a measure using a criteria?

    Tony Fahd

      So I am attaching a workbook where I have my city, my customers , their episode Ids (customer ID), the period of time that had a service, service type and number of cases.


      I like to calculate the rate by city of customers that had a broken car  (where the case is equal to 1) during the post period. all customers had a Car service during trigger(that's the basic and i can use the car purchase during trigger as my denominator) but not all of them had a broken car during Post period. they might have other services as well. so for example for my city of Chicago, they had one customer ID that had a broken car during Post period so their broken car rate is 50% because they had two customer IDs, but one had a broken car in the post period. so the denominator for them is 2 and the numerator is 1. I like to use calculations to do that and not table calculations.


      My final view would be a  column that shows the city and Broken car rate.


      Thanks in advance.