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    To disable Tableau WB download!

    Ravi Kumar N

      Hello Data Fam, Good day y'all


      Please help me on this below questions:


      Q1: I have uploaded the tableau WB(Work Book) to the server. I have got the developer access. I need to disable the tableau WB download option and change the permission.


      When i click on the permission settings on the respective WB, for me it shows the permission is blocked because am in the developer role and not the admins role in the project folder.


      Am i assuming the correct logic here? or did i miss anything? Also, how to play around the enabling data/cross-tab options? is it again the permission tab?



      Q2: What is the best way to get comfortable in intermediate/advanced topics(like LOD's and other advanced concepts), I assumed downloading some files i like from Public gallery might help me, but some of them are so good and advanced, i fail to extract the logic behind for some of the fields. I really want to learn and get better and sometimes am overwhelmed with Content available to get past the barrier.


      What is the approach you guys took? like those Ambassadors / Zen masters or others who are good in advanced concepts?( I know practice helps a lot, but i just need to understand this from other's perspective, because learning has no end!)


      Your feedback will help me and to be honest, one day i want to contribute back to the #community and help others.( that's the goal since am in total love with the product and the people around here)


      Thanks in advance!