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    Data points font changing automatically

    Andrew J

      Hi All ,


      I am seeing a weird issue . When changing one of the parameter value , whole dashboard's font size of data values are changing .The parameter has 10 inputs , it just happen for one parameter .


      There is no parameter dependent font size change is not built in tableau .

      This issue won't able to be replicated in the tableau desktop , happens only in server . Both server and desktop are in 2018 .


      Please share with me if you guys know the fix .

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          Esther Aller

          Hi Andrew,


          This definitely sounds like weird unexpected behavior. I recommend making a support case as I have never heard of this specific behavior before. My hunch is that there is an interaction with the nested calculations that is causing this. It will help support a lot of if you are able to send in a workbook that reproduces the issue so that they can deep dive into how the view experiencing the issue is built.


          See instructions for creating a packaged workbook A quick method to anonymize a workbook is to hide any fields containing sensitive information before the data source is extracted. Hidden fields are not included in the final extract.