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    Choose a date and cut the data by specified number of weeks





      I was wondering if someone could help


      I'd like to be able to :

      - choose a date in a parameter (filter)

      - specify a number of weeks so that the Date for MAT will be able to cut the data in the following way, e.g.


      Example of what I'd like to do:

      You choose: 1509/2018 from 'Choose a date'

      You select: 7 weeks from '# Weeks'


      In the table I would like to see calculations for:

      15/09-4/08 (Latest MAT)

      28/07-16/06 (Previous MAT)



      Note: 29/09 is the latest date with data


      ISSUE: At the moment, the calculation still counts the period from the latest date available (to the one selected in 'choose a date' i.e. 29-22/09/2019) and also counts 8 weeks in the Latest MAT.



      This calculation is driven by 2 parameters (onde date and the number of weeks - integer)

      Calculation script




      Any help would be helpful