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    Drill down in network chart or Organizational chart

    Prasad N



      Below is organization chart created in tableau (Ref: Org Chart in Tableau – Data Knight Rises  ).


      I want drill down in chart, example: when click on "Name2" node then sub names/hierarchy should show. and then when Click on "Name39" node then further sub names/hierarchy should show in chart.


      Attached the workbook for your reference.



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          Matt Lutton

          Without separating the branches into separate views, and tying them together via a dimension, I am not sure how you could accomplish this within a single sheet. Currently, there is no dimension that would connect the branches together, even if you separated out each piece of the org chart -- you'll need a field that is common between drill down paths in order to make this work and I do not see that in the current data set.


          Hopefully this makes sense - let us know what you come up with!