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    How to filter Top N using Grand Total

    Paweł Łebek

      Hi All,


      I am currently struggling with building filter (Parameter?) that would work for discrete Dimensions for Grand Total ALL

      I have two dimensions in two columns: Country and Products per country. Then I have SUM of items [Number of Records] in columns per Order_Date (Year/Month).


      October 2018
      November 2018
      December 2018
      Grand Total 2018
      January 2019
      Grand Total 2019Grand Total ALL
      PolandProduct 110101030151545
      Product 2555156621
      USAProduct 1100100100300150150450
      Product 25050501506060210
      Product 3...............


      I am trying to create Filter or Parameter that would allow me to filter Top N Products for every Country separatelly having as a calculation the biggest sale but using Grand Total for every Country.

      I tried Filters, Parameters, INDEX(), Sets.. The challenge is that if I would like to use filter on Order_Entry date - the Grand Total ALL changes for particular Products thus an order of Top N may change.. I cannot achevie it so Top N works. Is there any solution to this?


      I am using Tableau 10.2.1


      Thank you in advance.