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    Need help with a calculation to exclude values based on selection

    Bryan Homer

      I cannot upload my data as it is sensitive information and my company would not appreciate that so i will try to explain my problem the best that i can.


      I have 2 sheets that are both bar graphs and they contain 2 different measures


      Sheet one - Measure 1




                      I    I

                      I    I    I    I   I

      Product   A   B   C  D  E


      Sheet two - Measure 2





                      I    I    I    I   I

      Product   a   b   c  d  e


      The problem is if i select "A" from sheet 1 the results on sheet 2 will include "a" which is the same product with a different name. For example if this Sheet 1 was video game consoles and "A" was playstation and if sheet 2 was additional gaming devices ps4 would be "a" , "b" would be pc, and so on. So ps4 shows up under playstation4. Sheet 2 has many more columns than sheet 1 so this happens for multiple columns in sheet 1. How can I exclude something from sheet 2 based on selection of sheet 1.



      so if i select a column from sheet 1 can i create a calculation that basically says


      IIF([measure 1]="playstation", 'Exclude (ps4)', 'Include(the rest')

      IIF([measure 1]="nintendo 64", 'Exclude (n64)', 'Include(the rest')



      sorry if i am unclear