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    Total Substates = 'Markdown*' within Groups (SUMIFS in excel)

    Chris Ryan

      Hello All,


      I just started using Tableau in a Retail environment and am a complete beginner to this program, but look forward to learning it all. We are currently in the process of porting or Excel reports into our Tableau environment.

      I essentially want to just add a Markdown Totals row to the bottom of each MerchGroup with the Sum of Netsales Units if it is a Markdown. In Excel it would be SUMIFS(netsalesunits,substate label,"Markdown*" in an inserted row below Markdown 3 for each Group, but am unsure how to accomplish the same in Tableau.


      I have accomplished adding totals to the bottom of each Group, but I would like them to only sum the Markdown Units, excluding the Full Price. I feel like this should be fairly easy and I am open to creating calculated fields, parameters or whatever would be need to make this work as this is something I could reuse through many of our reports.

      My Sample data is on the left, and the desired result would look like the right one but would give a 'Markdown Total of 26188 for the Apparel Group, at the bottom of the Group (the current totals include Full Price). To add clarification the numbers at the top of the columns are different weeks.

      Thanks to all with any help to offer!